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Built with React and Ruby on Rails, Clean Spoon is a single-page web app (SPA) that allows you find recipes based on the ingredients that are already in your fridge.

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Users can enter what's in their fridge, and then explore thousands of recipes delivered from an integration with an external recipes API. Once a user finds a recipe that they like, they can add it to their list of Saved Recipes. Ingredients they need to buy can be automatically added to a shopping list, and then sent via SMS using Twilio.

This project was created in 2 weeks, with a team of 3 people. I was personally responsible for wireframing and building the front-end website and app interfaces from scratch using React.

I built the connection between the front-end client with our backend Ruby on Rails API, and made a Twilio SMS integration. This allows users to send a shopping list of their ingredients directly to a cell phone. Additionally, I integrated the Qwant images API that generates a random image from the internet for each food ingredient.

The full source code is available on GitHub.


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