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Digital Marketing and Web Development

They go together better than PB & J. Why? Because the only thing more powerful than a killer marketing strategy is harnessing code to iterate quickly and implement any tactic imaginable.

All problems are questions that haven't been answered yet. When you take a problem to a web developer, you'll get an answer that's written with code (and may not anticipate tangential business challenges). When you take that same problem to a marketer, you'll get a business strategy that's constrained by your marketing tech stack.

I pride myself on the ability to connect the dots using data, code, marketing best-practices and innovative guerilla-marketing tactics.


marketing coding venn diagram

Highly motivated and a quick study, Rachel swiftly made herself a linchpin, adding value to a number of key projects. She applied her marketing communications acumen to re-imagine a new online presence to better position TRIUMF business lines such as the lab’s irradiation services. She came up with savvy concepts that showcase the unique features of these services to prospective customers ranging from Cisco Systems to leading aerospace organizations.

Lisa Lambert

Rachel was instrumental in implementing Pardot, our marketing automation solution. Throughout implementation she had to ensure it was configured to properly suit both marketing's needs, as well as the needs of our sales team. This involved creating a strategy to successfully onboard the sales team to ensure they not only understood how to use Pardot, but also to ensure the platform became a valuable tool that they could utilize in their day-to-day activities. Rachel executed the implementation with immense attention to detail and great follow-through as the team integrated the solution into their daily routines.

Evan Little
Clearpath Robotics