Clean Spoon App

React, Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, HTML, CSS,

Clean Spoon is a single-page web app (SPA) that allows you find recipes based on the ingredients that are already in your fridge.

Users can enter what's in their fridge, and then explore thousands of recipes delivered from an integration with an external recipes API. Once a user finds a recipe that they like, they can add it to their list of Saved Recipes. Ingredients they need to buy can be automatically added to a shopping list, and then sent via SMS.

This was a 2 week long group project shared with 2 other people. I was personally responsible for wire framing and developing the front-end using React (with Hooks). I also connected the React front-end client with our backend Ruby on Rails API using Axios and by proxying requests.

I also coded a Twilio SMS integration to allow users to send a shopping list to their phone. Additionally, I coded an integration with the Qwant images API so that when a user enters an ingredient name, our Rails backend dynamically finds a photo for the ingredient card.

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